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There is a bewildering array of outdoor gear you can choose from in this day and age, with REI and EMS being almost as common as 7-elevens. However, the popularity of outdoor pursuits have pushed a lot of gear design in the direction of fashion rather than function. "Fast and Light" is just as much of a fashion imperative now as the neon clothing colors were a few years ago. In some cases there is real function there, and in some cases not.

At Hill People Gear, our focus is timeless designs that solve unsolved problems using the best advantages of modern materials. We think in terms of what will work for someone living close to the land day in and day out over a period of time. Some of our products will appeal to hunters, some of them will appeal to soldiers, and some of them will appeal to folks who are looking for simple, functional, and reliable gear. Most of all, we'd like to think that our gear would be the first choice of our "Hill People" forebearers if they were around today.

Hill People Gear is a small family owned company located in Western Colorado. Unless otherwise specified, all products are made in America out of American materials. This means when you spend your hard earned money with HPG, you are helping support American jobs and American families. Yes, the purchase price is higher than products manufactured out of foreign materials in foreign countries, but when you look at the bigger picture, the cost is less. 
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