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The idea is simple. First is to design & develop products that solve basic problems with simple design, and second to play a small role in promoting life in the outdoors. Nature is the great equalizer regardless of who you are. This equalizer gives people an opportunity to realize their true nature as human beings. The concept that we are all connected on some level is at the core of Tribe One. In essence, that we are all part of one tribe.

Created out of necessity, the PackNet and PackTach is a simple idea that solved a basic problem we came across while getting ready for a backpacking trip. With a knack for tinkering and the conversion of a backyard shed into a small shop we stared creating small inventory of nets in preparation for a small local farmers market. From these local markets and events we quickly started to gain a strong grass roots customer base who have become honorary members of “The Tribe”. Four years later our products have found steady footing in the outdoor market. As we continue to grow, Tribe One will be introducing additional products that are simple solutions to basic problems.

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