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The UCO stormproof Torch windproof refillable lighter features a triple jet, adjustable height, windproof flame to help make fire no matter what the weather. This waterproof, refillable butane lighter comes wrapped with 3-feet of utility tape that tears off easily and adheres well to metal, plastic, fabric, and just about anything else for temporary repairs, seals, or labeling. Take the UCO stormproof Torch camping, skiing, or boating, and throw one into your bugout bag to use in any emergency survival situation. This windproof butane lighter is waterproof, featuring a double-interference Silicon lid to keep it safe and dry. UCO stormproof Torch windproof lighter with emergency utility tape is made of durable ABS and Silicon and includes an aluminum carabiner for attaching to a belt or backpack.



  • Refillable waterproof butane lighter featuring a triple Jet, windproof, adjustable Flame (butane not included); includes 3-feet of utility tape.
  • Field tested emergency survival Accessory that is also great for camping, skiing, or boating; waterproof design with double-interference silicon lid.
  • Utility tape tears off easily and adheres well to just about anything for temporary repairs, seals, and labeling.
  • Holds enough butane for approximately 700 ignitions; piezo-electric Ignition system will last for over 30,000 Uses
  • Durable ABS and silicon construction; dimensions: 1.87 x 1.25 x 4.12 inches (4.8 cm x 3.2 cm x 10.5); 3.4 Ounces


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