COVID-19 (16.03.20)

We continue to ship orders online until further notice. It is no longer possible to choose Mondial Relay, Colissimo and DHL shipments will remain active.

Nevertheless we advise you DHL, it was very difficult to deposit the Colissimo today. There must also be delays in delivery, deadlines are no longer guaranteed.

Thank you for your understanding, stay at home.

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Elenco dei prodotti per produttore HALEY STRATEGIC

Haley Strategic at Outpost


Haley Strategic - D3CR - Chest rigSynergy. Team. Greatness.

People are unique. We believe in people. 
Greatness comes in the form of bold ideas, pushing the horizon out beyond what anyone thought possible just minutes ago. People inspire us as much as we inspire them.

Taking the wheel - not hanging on for the ride.
A measure of any person is the adversity they overcome in their lives. Is the world you leave a better place than the one you found? We believe in solving problems. We believe in building dreams.
We don't believe in limits, we believe in ideas.Believing in something yet to be created is why we exist. Listening, sharing and creating, refining dreams and bringing them to life.
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