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Hill People Gear Tarahumara pack est nommé d'après une tribu d'indigènes dans le nord du Mexique.

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Hill People Gear

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Il s'agit d'un sac simple est léger conçu pour transporter 2 litres d'eau et Juste assez d'équipement pour une journée. Toutefois, avec son harnais et les sangles de compression horizontale il est capable de supporter des charges plus lourdes si vous en avez besoin.


  • 500d Construction
  • two generous wand pockets (one on each side) are big enough for USGI pattern 1qt bottles. we like the "Oasis" version made by Nalgene. you can also fit dual 1.5qt round nalgenes on the sides.
  • hang tab for a water bladder on the inside. if you are using a water bladder, the hose routes out the top of the zipper underneath the zipper hood.
  • quilted padding on the body side with an exposed flat slot pocket suitable for stashing a netbook, machete, or even a lever action rifle.
  • comfortable contoured shoulder harness
  • can be used as a back pocket on our larger packs
  • parachute and cordlock compression / lashing system on bottom
  • dual horizontal compression straps allow you to carry larger items (like snowshoes for example) strapped vertically on the pack. this is the location the 717 stuff sack was designed for.
  • You can request a substitution of the Shoulder Harness this comes with for a Runner's Harness. The Runner's Harness ties the Tarahumara together with a Kit Bag to created a dedicated vest. You gain some stability, but lose the modularity of being able to use either one separately.

  • Poids: 653g (1.44 lb)
  • Épaisseur: 10,16 cm (4.00 in)
  • Longueur: 22,86 cm (9.00 in)
  • Hauteur: 43,18cm (17.00 in)
  • Dimensional Volume: 11L (612.00 in3)

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  • Product Name:Hill People Gear | Tarahumara Pack
  • By Hill People Gear
  • Price: 179,99
  • Product Width: 40.00 cm
  • Product Height: 25.00 cm
  • Product Depth: 8.00 cm
  • Product Weight: 1.00 kg
  • Description: Hill People Gear  Tarahumara pack est nommé d'après une tribu d'indigènes dans le nord du Mexique.
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