Armytek | Viking v3

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Cree XP-L

The most modern light-emitting diodes Cree (USA) with a guarantee of 50 000 hours (= 45 years).

Maximal light output

1250 LED lm
1100 OTF lm

Amazing brightness 1250 LED lumens.

Beam distance

370 m

Extremely far throw up to 370 meters.


Smooth reflector, 5/40

Comfortable light 5/40 for efficient hunting with shotguns.

LED tint

Neutral white / warm

White light provides excellent contrast and effectiveness at long range. Warm light is not irritating to the eyes, it has a high color rendering and ideal for lighting in foggy or rainy weather.

Stabilization of constant brightness regardless of frost and low battery voltage

Full(*Digital in Max mode)

Constant brightness even in -25ºC frost and with almost discharged batteries.

Output levels and runtimes

1100 lm (1 h 30 min),
440 lm (3 h 30 min),
200 lm (8 h 30 min),
70 lm (18 h),
2 lm (18 d),

Record runtime with 1x18650 Li-Ion battery in Firefly mode – 18 days.


Power source

1x18650 Li-Ion
2x18350 Li-Ion
2xR123 Li-Ion

Record runtime with 1x18650 Li-Ion battery – 18 days.

Dimensions & Weight

154 mm / 41 mm / 25.4 mm, 126 g

Reliable body, red/green/blue filters and original remote switches for comfortable Hunting and secure Military application.


Waterproof and dustproof standard/ Impact Resistance

IP68 (highest), 50m / 30m

The highest IP68 dust- and waterproof standard - more than 5 hours at 50 meters depth. Guaranteed durability — stands up the recoil of any gun gauge.

Armytek viking pro v3 -

We highly recommend NOT to use LOW-QUALITY CR123A batteries as a power source for often and continuous flashlight’s operation. Remember that old or low-quality disposal batteries can be damaged under heavy load and explode.

Length 154 mm
Diameter 41 mm (tête) / 25.4 mm (corps)
Weight 126 g
Material Aluminium
Battery Type 1x18650 Li-Ion 2x18350 Li-Ion 2xR123 Li-Ion 2xCR123A
Max Output 1250 lm white / 1100 lm warm
Range of the beam 370 m
Burn Time 1h30 à 18 j
Waterproof IP67
Manufacturer Warranty 10 years

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Armytek | Viking v3

Armytek | Viking v3

Armytek Viking V3


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  • Description: Armytek  Viking V3
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