HSP Thorntail Keymod Offset Light Mount Expand

Haley Stategic Thorntail Keymod Offset Light Mount



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1 kg

Livraison : 3 à 6 semaines

Variant Details:

  • MIL620 -  Surefire Millenium Series, M951, M952, M961, M962 & Scout M620
  • Offset Ring .830"  - Surefire E Series, Viking Tactics VTAC-14-BK & VTAAC-MIMI-14
  • Ofset Ring 1" - Surefire 6 Series, 9 Series, G2X Series, Inforce 6VX, Inforce 9VX, Inforce Colour, Eagletac T100C2 MKII, Elzetta ZFL-M60, Fenix TK10, Fenix TK11, Streamlight Scorpion TL2 & Streamlight Polytac Series
  • Offset Ring1.03" - Surefire G2 Series & G3 Series
  • Offset  - Surefire M300, M400, X300 X400, Inforce WML & Streamlight TLR

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