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Hövding Hövding


Hövding airbag offers the world´s best shock absorption capacity and consists of two parts, a collar and a shell.

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The collar encloses the airbag system that protects the head and is made of black, waterproof, dirt-repellent functional fabric that rests comfortably around your neck. It is easy to put on, with a centre front zip. 

There is a hook on the inside of the collar that allows you to hang up your Hövding. 

The collar is supplied with a black basic shell that protects your Hövding against dirt. The shell is attached to the collar by simply zipping it around.

All our shells have different appearances and functionalities. Shell produced för Hövding 1.0 cannot be used with Hövding 2.0.


If your Hövding has been deployed we would like you to Hövding .

Inside the collar there is a black box that records 10 seconds of data on the cyclist's movement patterns from an accident. In some cases the data from an accident is interesting and valuable to us in our on-going development work.

Some insurance companies cover part of the expense of a new Hövding after you have had an accident. Contact your insurance company to hear how they handle your case.

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Hövding is CE marked after undergoing an extensive process for approval by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden. CE marking is required for a cycle helmet to be able to be sold in Europe and certifies that the helmet complies with the requirements laid down in the EU Directive for personal protection equipment.

All types of helmets have to provide protection for the head in the form of shock absorption and force distribution in an accident. Complete protection in the event of an accident and functioning during normal use are basic criteria for CE marking. The helmet must also be designed so as to cause no unnecessary risks, i.e. there must be no sharp edges, etc. which could injure the wearer. The environmental tolerance criteria for helmets dictate that they must be able to withstand moisture and work in heat and cold and when subjected to the sun's ultraviolet light.

Hövding airbag at outpost


The collar sizes that are currently available (S, M, L) are adapted to the same head size range: 52-59 cm in circumference. The fitting of Hövding does not affect performance or safety. We offer free return and exchange shipping on all orders. Choose the size that feels best. 

Small is recommended for neck sizes of less than 36 cm.
Medium is recommended for neck sizes of 34–42 cm.
Large is recommended for neck sizes of 38–45 cm.

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